Muto overview: a shut to-supreme electric city bike

A shut to-supreme city bike with modern ‘Click on & Roll’ accent design

What makes the nice electric city bike? That is depending on who you search recordsdata from and where they dwell.

For Europeans, a bicycle is continuously the foremost mode of transportation in relatively flat, bike-valid cities adore Amsterdam, Copenhagen, or Berlin. We hotfoot our bikes all around the put — to work, stores, daycare, and cafes — sooner than locking them up outdoors each night. We employ our bikes to lift groceries, youth, and Christmas trees, most regularly all at the same time, while company straddle the rear provider to be part of a hotfoot.

In such an environment, the nice e-bike have to be cheap, adaptable, sturdy, and without effort serviceable. It may per chance perhaps also unexcited also be as handsome because the younger European professionals who are an increasing number of buying for e-bikes for the capabilities of a more match, more environmentally valid shuttle.

1000’s e-bikes tick some of those boxes, however I’ve but to search out particular person that ticks every box well-known for day-to-day commuting in my residence city of Amsterdam. Until now. It’s made, surprisingly, by Stella — a Dutch company identified for making utterly forgettable e-bikes cherished by grandparents.

Three years ago, Stella tasked a small interior crew with shedding its stodgy picture by designing an e-bike that will allure to younger urbanites. The outcome is is known as Muto, a pedal-assisted electric bike that has the aptitude to alter into the default e-bike for Europe and beyond.

Electrical bikes are exploding in standing globally. There are a few breakout manufacturers adore VanMoof at the top rate kill, Rad Energy in the center, and Swagtron on the funds facet, with 1000’s of manufacturers filling the gaps. Some e-bike makers are indubitably outlandish, however many, especially at the low kill, are shrimp better than nameplates affixed to off-the-shelf Chinese e-bikes assembled from a catalog. At last, the commerce will coalesce around a few winners, however appropriate now, it’s any individual’s sport.

More unique e-bikes are sold in the Netherlands than current bikes, and Muto’s parent company Stella claims to promote better than some other trace. The 10-one year-extinct Dutch bike maker, headquartered in Nunspeet, about 50 miles east of Amsterdam, had been assembling about 600 e-bikes a day old to the coronavirus pandemic.

Notably, Muto has a detachable battery that neatly integrates (and locks) into the downtube. Most Stella bikes suffer from bolton-exia — a situation native to e-bike makers crude at originate. Signs consist of bulbous growths on the downtube (Rad Energy!) or lazy slabs of lithium resting on rear carriers (Swagtron!). Muto has none of that. It’s fantastic that Muto’s designers sweated every last detail.

As such, Muto offers Stella gain admission to to a booming unique market of younger city commuters. It’s better than appropriate a brand unique bike; it’s a brand unique trace that relies on a brand unique European producer that manages distribution from Venlo, now not Nunspeet, a Dutch town alongside the German border.

Muto’s first e-bike has traditional substandard-diploma specs for Europe: a 250W motor with 25 km/h (15.5 mph) top bustle and a 70km (forty three.5 mile) estimated fluctuate when put of living to medium energy, or forty km (24.9 miles) when put of living to max, in accordance with Muto. The 252Wh battery recharges to fleshy in about three.5 hours.

I was as soon as ready to behavior a single patience test, taking the battery from A hundred% to zero over a distance of 31.2km (19.4 miles). Even supposing the test was as soon as conducted over flat terrain, it was as soon as a extremely windy (15-knot realistic) day. Fortunately, the bike was as soon as very easy to pedal residence the last 2.eight km (about 1.7 miles) below my have energy, thanks to the shut to-frictionless drivetrain and eight-bustle shifter.

Nonetheless the hotfoot is the least attention-grabbing segment of owning a Muto.


The title “Muto” is a play on words adore “metamorphosis” and “multipurpose” hinting at the e-bike’s unmatched skill to adapt.

To originate, the mountainous M logo is bigger than a nod to the title; it’s also the form of the frame. The step-thru M-frame is steady for riders starting from 159cm to 190cm superb (5 toes, 2 inches to six toes, 2 inches), which covers eighty p.c of Europeans, in accordance with Muto. The aluminum is glued adore an airplane, now not welded, for a seamless in finding. It’s available in unlit, gray, blue, and white. The unlit frame is my preference, while the gray frame appears to be to be like especially melancholy, adore a glossy coat of furniture primer.

My overview bike came with the superb seat submit, which was as soon as ultimate for my 183cm (6-foot) frame. I was as soon as also ready to conveniently employ the shorter submit. My wife, who measures 164 cm (5 toes, 5 inches), examined the bike with the immediate saddle and positioned the lowest environment on the high facet despite being three inches (7.6 cm) taller than Muto’s talked about minimal. The saddle is amazingly overjoyed over prolonged distances even though the default driving space is terribly sporty. The handlebar may per chance perhaps also additionally be adjusted increased for those that settle a more lawful driving type.

Muto’s ultimate innovation, even though, is with the interchangeable “Click on & Roll” design. It lets you fleet add or settle away a giant diversity of Muto-designed boxes, baggage, and carriers to the front and rear of the bike. The mounts may per chance perhaps also additionally be locked with a key to end theft.

9 configurations in sixty 9 seconds.

Headed to the web site online of job? Snap Muto’s swish €59,ninety five Chameleon Bamboo provider onto the aid to protect Muto’s waterproof €sixty 9.ninety five Starfish pannier stuffed alongside with your pc pc, lunch, and rain tools. In the event you return residence, lunge away the pc acquire at the aid of, transfer the provider to the front, and snap the €65 City Iki rear shrimp one seat onto the aid. A bar integrated into the frame folds relief over the rear fender to enhance the load of your kid. The video above shows 9 configurations in precisely sixty 9 seconds.

Yes, unique of us, that manner you may per chance without effort lunge away the shrimp one seat at residence on date night, permitting you to withhold some semblance of pride when pulling up outdoors that current unique cocktail bar.

At delivery, Muto is equipped with five varied custom-designed carriers of varied sizes and five varied baggage. Muto says more accessories are on the intention in which.


Muto is built tricky. The e-bike weighs 23.5 kg (fifty one.eight pounds) sooner than all the accessories are added. Its a shrimp smaller 26-plod wheels are nice for cities and near fitted with Schwalbe Massive Apple tires that are wide enough to cruise at some level of tram rails and ruts. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes end the bike assuredly, even when loaded down with an grownup, shrimp one, and a few days’ price of groceries. A sturdy heart-mount stand retains the bike lawful when it’s time to step away.

To ascertain the sturdiness of the Click on & Roll design, I took my daughter, who weighs forty kilograms (88 pounds) for a hotfoot while sitting in the Chameleon provider linked at the rear. Muto says the rear provider is rated for 20 kg (10 kg at the front) or 27 kg with shrimp one seat. On the replacement hand, it held up, even supposing her physique space created a strong lever power on the mount as we bounced alongside Amsterdam’s cobbled roads.

The brake and tools cables are semi-exposed however mostly routed thru the frame in repeat to favor a ways off from snagging when parked in crowded bike racks. The cable management also offers the bike an spectacular, carried out in finding.


Muto is most effective sold online. That manner no local bike shop to whinge to when something goes nasty. Fortunately, outdoors of the front-hub motor and electronics, most of Muto’s parts are repairable by any bike shop. Muto’s parent company Stella has over Forty five bike stores in the Netherlands and is opening its first stores in Belgium and Germany this one year.

24/7 roadside assistance is equipped in diagram shut worldwide locations when buying insurance protection thru Muto (more on that later). And likewise you’ll positively need insurance protection in the event you’re planning to transfer away your costly electric city bike parked outdoors.

Fortunately, Muto’s drivetrain contains a upkeep-free Gates carbon belt force and Nexus eight interior geared hub. That manner eight speeds with out a rust, no derailleur, no external lubrication, and no splatter to your trousers.

Muto offers a 30-day cash-relief guarantee and long-established two-one year guarantee. If the electronics or motor fails, you may per chance contact Muto for repairs, which may per chance perhaps also procure a pickup and return in a specially designed Muto return box. Particular particular person parts with directions may per chance perhaps also additionally be ordered straight from Muto. While that sounds evident, it’s now not so easy when buying for €500 e-bikes off Amazon or Indiegogo. Muto is an e-bike you’ll favor for years, now not till the foremost breakdown.

Tag for cash

Muto is being equipped for an introductory label of €1,549 (plus transport) that jumps to €1,699 at some undefined level in the kill. That’s now not cheap, however it’s also now not costly — it’s appropriate in the candy web page online for what you may per chance additionally unexcited demand to pay for a factual-quality electric city bike that can protect up to day-to-day employ for years.

Muto may per chance perhaps also additionally be purchased any place, however it’s prioritizing four European worldwide locations at delivery. Shipping to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany costs €30, or €forty 9 to Denmark. You shall be ready to also favor it from the US, however turning in it’ll be dear since Muto hasn’t made any abroad transport arrangements but.

Muto comes with an real-wheel lock integrated into the frame. On the replacement hand, it doesn’t provide any roughly GPS theft restoration found on more top rate bikes. As a replacement, Stella has partnered with Kingpolis insurance protection in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. The insurance protection costs about €eight monthly, depending upon plot, and is also terminated after the foremost one year. It covers bike theft, peril, and 24/7 breakdown assistance in Europe.

The substandard Muto comes with a ton of factors it’s a have to-have to pay extra for from other manufacturers. These consist of a straightforward bell, mudguards, reflectors, and integrated front and rear lighting fixtures, including adorable shrimp “Muto” lights on the facet of the bike. The lights can now not be became off as a matter of security, in accordance with the company.

Whenever you’re buying for a Muto, then you’ll positively be buying for one of the vital crucial provider accessories. Fortunately, those are also inexpensive, however you’ll have to pay between €5 and €10 to possess them shipped.

Muto bikes come in now to examine-hotfoot in Amsterdam, with Berlin and Copenhagen pop-united states of americacoming rapidly.

So. Muto ticks the total boxes, however is it supreme? No longer relatively.

To originate with, the favor watch over pad mounted on the handlebar that shows the battery and energy ranges is now not easy to push. For my driving preference, the area is excited by the have to push the pinnacle button seven times each time the bike turns on in repeat to gain it relief into max energy mode. (It would ideally consider the last environment.) Muto helps 9 pedal-assisted energy modes, which feels adore five too many on the avenue. Muto doesn’t provide any type of app integration, which is ultimate by me.

Energy is delivered quietly and evenly to the pedals. I rode my test Muto nearly exclusively in max-energy mode because the decrease energy modes require more effort than I’m willing to dissipate (insist!) on an e-bike. Getting the bike began relies nearly exclusively on leg energy. That’s because Muto is most effective fitted with a cadence sensor to settle when to favor the motor, as in opposition to a more refined (and costly) torque sensor that delivers energy more intuitively. It’s ultimate: the gears shift without effort and reliably.

Muto also lacks a throttle as you nearly indubitably guessed. Whenever you’re buying for a hulking seven-hundred-watt car that rides adore a moped, then Muto isn’t the e-bike for you. So-called “bustle pedelecs” may per chance perhaps also unexcited be ridden on streets alongside cars in mighty of Europe, as every other of the security of motorbike paths, making them impractical to be used as city bikes.

Muto does possess stroll enhance, even though. Pushing the decrease button on the favor watch over pad turns on the motor to compose enough energy to without effort push the bike up particular bike ramps found next to the stairwells in European insist stations, as an illustration.

I the truth is possess a modest area with Muto quality favor watch over. The first test bike I purchased perceived to possess a rather warped disc brake, which brought relating to the front wheel to rub considerably while driving. I couldn’t admire the warp, however I’ll per chance perhaps hear it, and a €1,500 bike may per chance perhaps also unexcited hotfoot silently, even on the cobbled roads of Amsterdam. Then, on my replacement bike, I found the rear-wheel lock now not easy to shut. It sounds minor, however the annoyance builds to a crescendo whenever you’re fighting it a few times each day.

I’ll per chance perhaps also unexcited demonstrate that my bikes had been classified as pre-manufacturing bikes, shut to the closing stage of pattern sooner than mass manufacturing begins. At least one bike was as soon as also weak by every other reviewer sooner than I purchased it. That may per chance perhaps also present the hardware factors, or may per chance perhaps also now not.

The factors had been minor, and I’ll per chance perhaps also now not even sign them if the bike charge €750. Nonetheless at twice that label a purchaser may per chance perhaps also unexcited demand more. Regardless, in the event you’re drawn to buying for, it is helpful to encourage a few weeks to gain fantastic Muto works out any bugs that may per chance perhaps also exist in its manufacturing and assembly route of.

Muto is an stunning e-bike designed for city dwellers who employ, or have to employ, bicycles as their predominant mode of transportation. It’s so factual, with so many considerate factors available at such a realistic label, that it may per chance perhaps well thoroughly change into the Toyota Camry or VW Golf of electric bikes.

Whenever you’re in Europe and in the market to favor an e-bike, Muto may per chance perhaps also unexcited be shut to the pinnacle of the list for consideration.

Change March Thirty first, eight:45AM ET: Review up thus a ways with confirmation from Muto that my overview bikes had been pre-manufacturing models.

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