MSI Prestige 14 evaluation: scorching crimson and scorching on your lap

A worldly ultrabook for sigh material creators

The MSI Prestige 14 isn’t a brand contemporary machine — it’s been kicking around since final October — but it completely’s correct been released in a brand contemporary coloration: a very crimson coloration. I spent per week with undoubtedly one of many first “rose crimson” devices, and it’s an very supreme pc for making a fashion assertion — and a so-so pc for all the pieces else.

MSI, unless now not too prolonged ago, has been identified for making paunchy, garish gaming laptops. Within the previous few years, the company has made a entire lot of attempts to atomize from this mold and compete with the MacBooks and Dell XPS laptops of the enviornment, including its swish Creator sequence and budget-oriented Standard devices. The Prestige lineup, which is available in 14- and 15-stride sizes, is its most up-to-date strive, marketed to sigh material creators.

It’s now not horrid to ascertain MSI branching into this condominium. Specs-vivid, a correct gaming pc and a correct “creator” pc shouldn’t verify all that assorted; both want a extremely superb processor, a discrete GPU, and the cooling mechanisms mandatory to protect tense tasks.

However there are some things that a creator pc wants to quit greater than a gaming pc. It wants an very supreme, coloration-appropriate screen screen, and, as a machine you’re more liable to make employ of at work and on the amble, it will have to have a lovely and compact make. The Prestige 14 does a correct job on both counts, but it completely doesn’t knock the extinct out of the park to the purpose the keep I’m able to counsel this pc to extreme creators.

The Prestige 14 I’ve been checking out costs $1,399 and involves a Core i7-10710U, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU (don’t confuse this with the regular GTX 1650 that’s in the Dell XPS 15; the Max-Q is a decrease-discontinue chip that tends to pop up in gentle, skinny laptops), 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, and a 1920 x 1080 IPS panel. MSI plans to start a crimson model with a 4K screen screen, but it completely hasn’t yet announced pricing or availability.

This is a product other folks will ogle. Shining crimson laptops are a uncommon idea; the Quartz Razer Blade Stealth thirteen is the supreme competitor on this category that you’ll receive in a equal coloration. Even the Prestige’s screws are crimson. All over the keep I brought it, any individual commented on the coloration. It also comes with an identical crimson case, mouse, and keychain of Lucky the Dragon, MSI’s mascot.

I luxuriate in the crimson loads. It’s a fashion assertion that stands out. If that’s now not what you’re after, verify in other locations.

I in most cases wretchedness about durability with such a skinny chassis, but the Prestige does verify and feel luxuriate in a succesful pc. There’s rather of flex in the screen screen, but I don’t feel luxuriate in I may perhaps snap the article in half of, and there’s flex in the keyboard whereas you press very hard. The machine used to be battered around in my backpack throughout a weekend outing, and it came out free of scratches and dents.

The Prestige 14 didn’t weigh my backpack down great either. It’s moderately gentle, at correct 2.8 kilos (1.27 kg), and I may perhaps squeeze it into my stuffed get and carry it around with out a affirm. That’s lighter than most assorted laptops with its GPU. (The quartz Razer Blade Stealth thirteen, arguably its closest competitor, weighs Three.1 kilos.) It’s about moderate for an ultrabook of its measurement, however: HP’s Spectre x360 thirteen undercuts it at 2.7 kilos, and the Asus Zenbook 14 UX433FN gets down to 2.6 kilos, although both inferior fashions have built-in graphics.

The Prestige’s uncover, sadly, does now not stand out as great. The 1080p panel handiest obtained as much as around 282 nits of brightness, which is dimmer than many laptops in its category. (Closing twelve months’s Razer Blade Stealth, which isn’t even aimed at creators, tops out at 346.) The screen screen covers 100% of the sRGB coloration gamut and around 74 % of the wider Adobe RGB. That’s usable and greater than the Blade Stealth, but it completely doesn’t methodology the accuracy you’ll decide up from top price shows, equivalent to the OLED panel on the Dell XPS 15.

That acknowledged, the screen screen is okay for informal employ. The matte texture does a correct job of taking away glare; you’ll haven’t any affirm utilizing this out of doorways or in sparkling indoor settings. I watched the sad indoor scenes on the starting of The Witcher in a sparkling room, and I couldn’t verify my reflection in any admire. While watching the identical scenes on the inviting MacBook Pro screen screen, I may perhaps verify a clear watermark of myself and the wall in the back of me, which closely interfered with the viewing skills.

The panel’s darks were deep, even at elephantine brightness. Lighter colours, equivalent to the reds and pinks of the flowers in Stregobor’s courtyard, were inviting, although now not moderately as enthralling as they were on the MacBook. I also seen rather of ghosting in speedily motion scenes, equivalent to the final fight in Avengers: Endgame. It wasn’t hugely distracting, but it completely used to be silent disappointing to ascertain on a pc that’s marketing and marketing itself on its very supreme screen screen.

In ingenious tasks, the Prestige obtained the job accomplished but wasn’t an unheard of performer. I had no affirm changing videos, copying details, or exporting clips with out effort and in a cheap length of time. However out of curiosity, I also looped Cinebench R20, which leverages the CPU to render a fancy pronounce, and each skedaddle scored in the excessive 1300s. That’s worse than the Spectre x360, which Tom’s Hardware clocked at 1,572. The Razer Blade Stealth tends to hit the mid-1400s, whereas increased creator machines luxuriate in the Prestige 15 and the Dell XPS 15 blow all three out of the water.

Can the Max-Q handle gaming? Effectively, roughly. Name of Responsibility: Murky Ops II used to be moderately playable at native resolution (1080p) and default (medium) settings, hitting across the excessive 30fps and low 40fps fluctuate. When I upped the settings even a puny bit, however, I straight away had issues. My character’s movements modified into stuttery, and there used to be moderately about a tear in the explosions around me. At maximum settings, the Prestige used to be topping out at 20fps. Only on the lowest-that that you may perhaps perhaps deem settings did it hit 60. The pc had a less complicated time with the less-tense Rocket League. The sport used to be very playable at maximum settings, operating very with out effort at over 70 frames per 2nd.

Handily, the inferior model comes with a 512GB SSD, allowing you to retailer both ingenious sources and some games if want be. (You’ll have to fork over $1,899 for the 512GB model of the Razer Blade Stealth.) Outdoor of heavy gaming, right here’s a stress-free pc to make employ of. It handled heavy multitasking properly; with Spotify streaming and Slack operating, I obtained as much as 29 Chrome tabs before I spotted any slowdown.

So what’s the trade-off? As that it’s probably you will have guessed, it’s the cooling.

There’s a reason why it’s odd to ascertain a graphics card in a notebook this gentle. Thinner devices in general lack the cooling ability to skedaddle at excessive speeds for prolonged sessions of time. For instance: the Prestige 14 runs very heat. While I was browsing with correct four or five Chrome tabs, the underside of the chassis used to be scorching ample to be a puny miserable on my denims, and it would have been painful were I carrying shorts. At my desk, the fans were in general so loud that colleagues around me were concerned. While I was gaming, the wrist rests and keyboard were so scorching that typing used to be truly miserable.

But some other nontrivial sacrifice you’re making with the Prestige 14 is battery existence. I may perhaps handiest squeeze out about six hours from the machine at half of brightness and default battery settings, which a puny resolve on battery over performance. My workflow incorporated browsing thru a number of dozen Chrome tabs, Slack, and the occasional Spotify run or YouTube video. For folk that’re doing more tense tasks that leverage the GPU, you’ll decide up even less juice. Six hours isn’t frightening — it’s better than we obtained out of the quartz Razer Blade Stealth — but it completely methodology the machine won’t final a elephantine workday.

For folk that can belly the heat and don’t mind carrying a charger, the pc’s assorted aspects are comely. The Windows Precision touchpad is gentle. (The button produces more of a “thud” than it does a click.) I had no issues with palm rejection, and the gestures all labored properly, although even on the most realistic sensitivity, I needed to tap rather more challenging than used to like for clicks to register. The keys, whereas now not in particular clicky, have pleased commute, and I tended to ranking mid-excessive 120s on typing assessments, which is shut to (but now not moderately) my conventional moderate. The tilde key is terribly runt, which irked me as any individual who in general makes employ of tildes in her passwords. However whereas you will have to compromise on one key, I wager that’s a beautiful candidate.

Port probability is serviceable; I may perhaps poke in all the pieces I desired to. On the left, there are two Thunderbolt Three USB-C ports and a microSD card slot. On the upright, there are two USB 2.Zero Style-A ports and a headphone jack. MSI involves a USB-C dongle that involves a additional microSD card slot, a elephantine-measurement SD card slot, two USB Three.Zero ports, and an Ethernet jack. Confidently, meaning you won’t have to purchase any USB-C adapters of your delight in

You may perhaps be in a keep to win the Prestige in three ways: a PIN, a fingerprint reader in the tip-left nook of the touchpad, and Windows Hello facial recognition. All of them labored properly in my assessments. I had no issues with the fingerprint reader, even with my finger placed at various angles. Windows Hello used to be in a keep to have interaction up my face in shadowy gentle and with assorted make-up appears, even though it didn’t interrogate me with out my glasses.

The 720p webcam is usable. It produced a decently clear and properly-lit pronounce of my face, but edges (equivalent to my hairline) were grainy and pixelated. There’s an HDR probability, but it completely correct appeared as if it would easy out the pronounce rather.

The audio from the Prestige’s pair of two-watt speakers is now not very correct. At max volume, they’re nowhere reach loud ample to maintain a room; I tried to play a song for a chum in a college room, and lets both barely hear it from about a toes away. And whereas, up shut, I may perhaps hear the percussion in various songs I performed, the bass used to be nonexistent. You may perhaps be in a keep to adjust equalizer settings in Nahimic, a native audio app, but even after I grew to change into the bass tones the total methodology up, they didn’t pop thru.

The Prestige comes with some ingenious machine set aside in, including video- and audio-bettering apps at once from MSI and some third-occasion companies for tune. There’s also some junk, including Candy Crush and some assorted games, but nothing used to be intrusive, besides the occasional pop-up from Norton.

Within the smash, I don’t counsel this pc for extreme gaming, and I’m hesitant to counsel it for expert creators. The screen screen completely appears correct, but I’d search details from greater brightness and improved coloration accuracy from a uncover that’s basically to be used for inventive work. There are cheaper strategies with greater shows, equivalent to the $1,099 HP Spectre x360 thirteen, and final twelve months’s Dell OLED XPS 15 is handiest $200 more. The Prestige 14’s $1,699 4K model, which MSI says covers 100% of Adobe RGB and Notebookcheck measured at 513 nits, is probably a greater resolve on for ingenious professionals. Unfortunately, it doesn’t can be found in crimson yet.

However whereas MSI has overlooked its target market, the Prestige 14 continues to be a comely normal-employ pc. It does properly with day to day browsing, streaming, and gentle-weight gaming. For folk that’re buying for an ultraportable machine with a quit that turns heads, it’s a correct probability — but try and be willing to resolve on some heat.

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